Jasmine is set to launch her own Clothing Line named Jasmine Henry for Teens ages from 12-20 years
old. Showcasing her own style and taste this coming February 2018 with the help of Doja Designs
Fashion house as the main carrier of Jasmine Henry clothing.

First Single to be released under CTM music coming November 2017 entitled: This is the Night written by
Jasmine Henry/ Arranger Joe Fidow

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Singer/Songwrittere/Model/Fashion Label


20year old Corey J is  no stranger to the stage and has worked as a Artist in events through out Sydney. This Young Urban Hip Hop/Rapper has just released his Single "As Life goes on" on the EP Emanate, this song tells of Corey's real life story growing up. 


Watch out for more to come from Corey as he starts to release more music over the next few months.

Singer/Songwritter/Hip Hop Artist

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