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1. Entries Close 10th May, unless the competition hits capacity & we will need to close entries early. We do not accept no late entries.

2. Competitors age is their age on 1st January 2023.

3. Time Limit for Song Entries is 4minutes Max. Music to be submitted by 12th May 2024. 

4. BATTLE ROUND ENTRIES ONLY: If you have entered in the Battle round Section of this event you will need to submit for this Category a 2minute song and 3 x Short Songs (1.5min max)

5. Entry fees and tickets to live events are non-refundable

6. Judges decision is final. We ask no one approaches the judges regarding placing’s or at anytime while contestants are performing.

7. Ultimate Mic Battle encourage sportsman like behavior, anyone behaving in an un-acceptable manner may be asked to leave the venue immediately, no tickets or entry fees will be refunded for anyone asked to leave the venue due to un-acceptable behaviour


8. Performers perform at their own risk, Ultimate Mic Battle are not responsible for any injuries incurred at our live event.


9. By submitting your application form you formally approve ULTIMATE MIC BATTLE to use your name, image and video to promote yourself and the competition while you are involved and after you finish.


10. We reserve the right to change the venue if in the case that venue changes are required.

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