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CreaTive Media (CTM Management) Provide resources for Young Artists to create their brand, so the can grow in the Music Industry. 

CreaTive Media Team work with Singers, Recording Artists, Bands, Dancers, Social Media Influencers and Actors ​


Luke began his creative training as a dancer/actor at KJD Dance Company. When he reached high school he successfully auditioned for Nepean creative performing arts which lead him to his passion of singing and playing the guitar. 


In 2013 Luke showcased his singing talent to the Creative Director at his studio, who quickly saw Luke’s singing potential and in 2014 Luke was on the stage of X Factor Australia as the youngest singer in the competition getting 4 yes’s from the judges and making him top 100! 


After X Factor Luke worked with CTM Management team and produced his first two singles “Anymore” and “The truth is” 

Luke also started performing regularly at live venues throughout Sydney. In 2017 decided to collaborate with band “Here to oblivion” becoming the bands lead singer and continuing to perform at live events. 


As the band was all quite young in 2019 the parted ways leading Luke back to his much missed solo career as an artist and is now preparing to release his new original works in 2020 with Management Team “CreaTive Media”



Malachi Pula is a 12year old singer/songwriter from Sydney. Malachi has performed at many entertainment venues through out Sydney shocking crowds with his amazing vocal ability. Malachi has been working with CTM Management for the past few months and plans to release his first EP later this year, with many Major Labels already interested in his work. 


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